Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blog not being updated because...

...i'm really, REALLY lazy.

And whatever motivation i do have is sucked out with a straw by the YCGPodcast, which i participate in every week. Talking about everything im doing twice would be kind of tiring for my hamster attention span. Might try though, since i bothered to post this!


is the source i speak of.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Poking my head out, Groundhog Day style.

So back after a few months of hiatus, lets look at all the stuff that has happened while this blog has slept:

- A few YCS have come and gone. Countless people have jumped or dismounted bandwagons based on what pro players happened to be running those days.

- The Tachyeon Galaxy is live, and people were feeling the pain of $8-10 dragon rulers. While at the sneak peek i thought their prices would drop when they officially came out but that was before I saw someone open a box and only get 1 ._.

- I have tried some new stuff, which I will talk about in a later post.

- A bunch of new cards and sets have been announced. For more information on that, listen to the news section of our podcasts at ycgpodcast.com. I dont want to be redundant and talk about past news, but ill say this now: Number Hunters was a awesome pack

- 2 New banlists has come and gone, with all the drama that entails. I personally think the 1st banlist was fine after playing in it, but it didnt take Konami very long to introduce broken stuff like Prophecy and Dragon Rulers into meta that is completely unaffected by it. The second banlist is bananas and I love it.

- For the last couple of months I distanced myself from Yugioh, but this new meta is drawing me back in.

More posts to come (I mean it this time D:)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quick Regionals Report + Banlist Stuff and General Updates


DATE: 2/2/2013

DECK USED: Spanish Wind-Ups




3 Shark
3 Magician
3 Rabbit
3 Rat 
1 Spirit Reaper
1 Sangan
2 Tour Guide
2 Thunder King (TKRO)


1 Dark Hole
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon
3 Wind-Up Factory
1 Pot of Avarice


2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgement
2 Fiendish Chain
2 Bottomless
2 Mirror Force
2 Torrential Tribute
1 Compulsory


1 Leviair
1 Maestroke
1 Zenmaity
1 Zenmaines
1 Zenmaioh
1 Giga-Brilliant
1 Flaccid Golem of Destruction
1 Shock Master
1 Temtempo
1 Adreus
1 Tiras
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Cowboy
1 Papilloperative
1 Black Corn


2 Maxx C
3 D-Fissure
1 Dust Tornado
1 Shadow Imprisoning Mirror
2 Snowman Eater
1 Spirit Reaper
1 Compulsory
2 Lances
2 Soul Taker

Following will be just a short quip for each match since I didnt take notes. :[

Round 1: Wind Ups (Win)

I am not awake yet and make a bunch of misplays, and it comes down to game 3 where i just draw what I need.

Round 2: Prophecy (Win)

Thunder King is such a bitch for this deck to deal with. That and Shock Lock. 

Round 3: Wind Ups (Win)

He gets a game loss for miswriting his decklist. Shame, cause this duel was epic. He almost came back after my strong start, but I seal the deal due to him misplaying. He forgot to use Breakthrough Skill during his turn to nullify Zenmaines effect so he could attack over it for game.

Round 4: Heros (Win)

We take turns smacking the taste out of each others mouths. I win game 3 by grinding him down to nothing, then exploding with Magician + Shark + Pot of Avarice, and locking him down in time.

Round 5: Macro Rabbit (Lose)

I draw bad in the beginning and get discouraged, and lose game 1 to my own misplays. Game 2 I control him with backrow. Game 3 he has Rabbit + Tour Guide and I have a monster hand.

Round 6: Pure Dragons (Win)

I faced this guy in YCS Seattle. Hes running pure Dragon Syncro-crontrol with cards like Delta Fly and Koaki-Meiru Drago as well as REDMD, Wyvern and crew. Very close duels, but I barely edge him out in time due to a last minute push.

Round 7: Agents (Win)

Game 1 he draws god awful. Game 2 I wasnt really being serious cause we were joking around during our duel and make a misplay by forgetting a factory search that costs me the game. In Game 3 I buckle down on him and give him a slow rolled Shock Lock.

Round 8: Agents (Lose)

Also faced this guy in YCS Seattle. He played circles around me, he knew his deck inside and out, and he made no mistakes. Game 2 I draw 3 copies of D-Fissure (The only cards I sided in), which killed any momentum I had. 

Round 9: Mermail (Lose)

Mermails for last round again. I lose game 1. Game 2 I draw 3 D-Fissures AGAIN (After I pile shuffled too!). He drew bad as well though so I didnt drop a game because of it. 
We grind it out and it comes down to game 3. I have the upper hand, but he says if he rips Avarice he will be destined to win. He rips Avarice. He wins =/. I just run out of steam before he does and it enters time so I know theres no comeback possible.

FINAL STANDING: 6-3 (37th Place) 

Invite is given to top 48, so I get one! Yaaaay!

I liked: 

Fiendish Chain (Was amazing against the mirror match)
Mirror Force (Was never a liability and it surprised a lot of people)
My decision to not maindeck Maxx C or Veiler (Bah humbug)

I didnt like:

Maxx "C" (Was barely useful all day)
My lack of Utopia and Leviathan Dragon (It hurt not having those, and I felt it all day)
Flaccid Golem (Card almost lost me 2 duels ~_~)



For a good summary of my (and my crew/friends) thoughts on the banlist, listen to this! YCGPodcast <3!

My current decks:

Prophecy (Turbo edition)

Plants isnt really fleshed out, but I really like where my Prophecy deck is going. Its finally starting to flow well, and although I can still feel the sting of not having traps (I tested a trap using version before, to mixed results), I feel that the deck can finally bring High Priestess to bear and make up for its lack of defense with overwhelming offense. 

Deck runs 3 Upstart, 3 Wonder Wand, and 3 Reckless Greed for maximum DRAW POWAR! Draws into High Priestess very easily, and usually has the means to summon it. That doesnt mean Im going to be content with this version however. I will be testing more techs and builds all the way up to the release of Lord of the Tacheyon Galaxy and Divine Judgment to find the perfect build ;]

Till next time!

(PS: I will add a decklist for Prophecy if anyone wants it~)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thoughts about my Wind-Up Deck + My new pet projects.

Wind Ups:

Overall my impressions from YCS Seattle/Tacoma was the deck was pretty solid, only thing that was wierd about it was that I never drew Tragoedia or Spirit Reaper. I would probably side 3 Soul Drains as well and cut the Macro. I feel the deck is at the most solid it will ever be, hence why ive temporarily shelved it in favor of my new projects:

- Prophecy

- Air Neos OTK

- Rabbit X-Sabers (Idea hijacked by my friend)

With prophecy taking up most of my playtesting and deck building time. Ive almost settled on a final build. Controversial card choices include 2 Wonder Wand, 2 Star Hall, no Temperance of Prophecy, and 3 Madolche Magileine (thanks to Bahamut84 for that idea). My deck is alot like his deck would probably be if it were in the TCG, and its running as smooth as butter (most of the time). More info at a later date

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My YCS SeaTac Decklist: Passive-Aggressive Wind-Ups

Quick decklist before I go to bed, thoughts about in a later post

Monsters: 20

3 Wind-Up Shark
3 Wind-Up Rat
3 Wind-Up Rabbit
3 Wind-Up Magician
2 Maxx "C
2 Tragoedia
2 Tour Guide From The Underworld
1 Sangan
1 Spirit Reaper

Spells: 9

3 Wind-Up Factory
1 Dark Hole
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Pot of Avarice

Traps: 11

2 D-Prison
1 Trap Stun
1 Compulsory
2 Torrential Tribute
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn J


Standard Stuff + Cowboy and Abyss Dweller (No Tiras)


2 Macro
1 Soul Drain
2 Cyber Dragon
1 Chimeratech
2 Soul Take
2 Fiendish Chain
1 Trap Stun
1 Compulsory

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

YCS Seattle Report + Important Stuff!

After not publishing an article for over 4 months, I'm back with my comeback: a (kinda lackluster) YCS report!

Preface to this report: After becoming disillusioned with Yugioh and burnt out, I've slowly been working my way back to regular Yugioh activity levels. This culminated at my first major event I attended since my last blog post: YCS Seattle (/Tacoma)!


Got off work Friday night at 9 pm. After getting a ride to Tacoma, I stayed at Motel 6 with YCGPodcast crew (Matt Carter + Joe Mecham) and other people from our locals (Phoenix Games). After getting 2 hours of sleep and playtesting all night, I make my big YCS debut! 


Get in line, get registered, eat no food :(. Also I'm running a Nick Ma inspired Wind-Up deck. Around 750ish people show up, which is less than normal for a YCS, so top cut is 32.


G1: I misplay horribly, but so does he and I win
G2: No backrow and my Wind-Up combos get veiler'd ;[
G3: Gagaga Cowboy burn and stall in time. Woooo!


G1: He Macros me 2 turns in but I just use my Monster Reborn his Sabersaurus and give him a bad beatdown.
G2: He gives me the Dolkka treatment and I draw no outs for the longest time.
G3: Wind-Up player using Tragoedia and Thunder King control? His answer is Grand Mole :S. He gets stomped due to his magic monster hand.


G1: -
G2: -
G3: I dont remember much about the first 2 duels but the third one I lose decisively to Dolkka + Laggia.


G1: He doesnt really bad Wind-Up combos and uses waaay too much resources so I win.
G2: Like, to give you an idea of how bad it was. He was using Soldier/Shark to make Rank 5's when I had 1 backrow and a set Magician, then makes Tiras instead of Zenmaioh and rams Tiras into my D-Prison :x.


G1: I draw all monsters except for 1 Factory. He opens 4 backrow + Geargiarmor. I eat dirt.
G2: I sit on my Cyber Dragon because I want to Fiendish Chain his set Geargiarmor. He Trap Stuns me, slaps me silly with Burei and Shock Master, then locks spells when I have Heavy + 2 MST and sets 4. Derp


G1: Shock Lock for the win.
G2: Hes low on life, I have a field full of winning, I use Adreus effect on the Gorz he dropped last turn, then try to run over the 1500 Atk Gorz token. He drops Honest and I lose cause I'm at 1200 LP. That was meansies ;(
G3: I open Magician/Shark and he uses Herald of Orange Light discarding Krystia on my Magician. 2 Turns later I Reborn his Krystia and commence a 7 turn beatdown with his own Krystia where he is forced to set every monster he draws. At the end, he reveals his hand of 2 Maxx "C", Gorz, and Tragoedia and offers me the handshake.


G1: Slow roll into a Shock Lock after being denied the first time by Effect Veiler.
G2: Sad game where my only monsters for 5 or so turns were Rat and Magician. At the end I'm so desperate that I Rat my Magician, Monster Reborn his Card Trooper, and make Zenmaity to combo off. However he drops Maxx "C" on my Rat, so I'm like fck it, and I end up trying to deck him out and getting him down to 7 or so cards left. He drops a Tragoedia on my attack. His turn, he specials Lightpulsar, Tributes both monsters for another Tragoedia , Drops 2 more Lightpulsars, and Specials Dark Armed. Scoop Phase :3
G3: Mid game Shock Lock and I got amazing backrow that he cant power through. He milled Heavy so I called monster effects. After that he's pretty much done.


G1: I outplay the crap out of him. After wading through both his Solemn Warnings and  his Solemn Judgement, I make him waste his backrow on Wind-Up Rabbit since he only has 1000 left. Then I give him the beatdown once he runs out of backrow.
G2: I outplay him severely again. He wastes his resources on the wrong plays, searches the wrong things with Factory, and I leave him with nothing. I get the feeling he was not very familiar with the deck.

So I go x-2 and make it to Day 2. I get more sleep tonight! Yay!

DAY 2:


This guy is a regular at any Washington Regional. I know as soon as I see that I'm playing him that he's gonna be tough to beat. Add that to the fact that this is my first time ever facing Atlantean Mermails...

G1: He goes and sets a card. I go and Shock Lock.
G2: I open backrow + Wind-Up Rabbit, which is the exact opposite of what I wanted against this deck. After a few turns, he outplays me straight up. He does more damage than I thought he was capable of doing after he gets a surprise marksman effect in somehow during my endphase with Abyss-sphere, killing my last backrow (Torrential D:)
G3: He has MST for my Macro when he uses Abyssmegalo, and he has Gozen Match for when I try to Wind-Up combo. 

ROUND 10 Vs. Alexander Thomas (MADOLCHES?) [WIN]

G1: He ends up being in the middle of a duel/trades, so he doesnt show up and I get the default win.

I end up getting 61st, which I am more than content with after being away from competitive Yugioh for so long. But I wanted a little something to remember this day by, and I told myself  that if I had time on day 2 I would try to enter the structure deck duel and win the  XYZ Symphony mat I had my eye on ever since I saw it at the judges table day 1.




My opponent never showed up, so I got the only bye in the tourney. I use this time to get familiar with the cards in the deck.


This kid was something else. Apparently he was a famous Dragon Duelist who had a monster binder full of expensive cards like Italian Cardcar Ds and misprinted ultra Book of Moons (They said Creature Swap). He also outplayed the crap out of his opponent round 1 and seemed pretty cocky. Before the round started he offered to scoop to me if I payed him 40 bucks. I was like helllll nawww.

I 2-0'd him. He overextended alot and left himself open to counter attacks from cards like Dark Hole. He also tried to rule shark alot. Oh well, I gave that kid the beatdown.

FINAL ROUND: Vs. Joyang (?)

I think that was his name, I feel bad about forgetting it after asking him for it but my memory sucks :(. Anyways this duel was super epic. He won the first round, I won the last 2. Sorry for not remembering the specifics. This duel went on for so long that we actually got put into time, which went turn 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 instead of the standard 5. I was already edging him out near the end, but since we were both topdecking anything could happen. Me ripping a call of the haunted gave me insurance. I set it and changed my Muzurhythm to defense. His last turn he couldnt push through, so he offered the handshake.

+1 Xyz Symphony Mat.

I then finish trading for everything I need to run my next pet projects (Prophecies and Air Neos OTK). I also played in the Atlantean Structure deck tourny, but I get thrashed! Dumb Atlanteans ;(. I then go over to watch the finals and see the epic conclusion as Michael Stibbins from my locals wins YCS Seattle! Me and the rest of the Phoenix Games crowd are super stoked and we celebrate together. 

After that I go to the hotel across from the event hall be a part of the joint interview of Michael Stibbins by the YCGPodcast and SlimXTeamSymetry. Then I go eat food at Dennys and go home :S. Ill post a follow up article later answering any questions people have, giving a decklist + thoughts, and detailing what Ive been thinking about and doing in my abscence. Till next time!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wind-Ups win WCQ...My Reaction.


In other news, computer issues have plagued me for the last week or so, but now that they are completely resolved, I look forward to finishing my Zenmailstrom articles, then moving on to giving more analysis/love to what will probably be the newest/oldest sensation of this summer: Wind-Ups. Not sure why people were so surprised when Wind-Ups topped. They were never bad, and it all makes sense in retrospect if you consider the following formula:


Maxx "C" =/= Your side or main deck



Certainly is enlightening isnt it?